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Theme sets

There are six different theme sets, and you can pick the one you like the most (unless you claimed a pairing someone else has already claimed, then you need to see which set the said person has chosen and take the one that is left behind).

Interpret the themes any way you like.

Theme set I
I.001.Cat I.002.Remorse
I.003.Thigh I.004.Square
I.005.Wine I.006.Forever

Theme set II
II.001.Morning II.002.Fire
II.003.Please II.004.Note
II.005.Spice II.006.Hair

Theme set III
III.001.Raindrops III.002.Stone
III.003.Eternity III.004.Seven
III.005.Mellow III.006.High

Theme set IV
IV.001.Nothing is quite the same IV.002.See why they cry
IV.003.How could I desire you IV.004.If you feel for me
IV.005.Someone save me IV.006.Not an angel

Theme set V
V.001.Some things can end with a word V.002.Ain't your fairy tale
V.003.Now, sit, watch and learn V.004.The longest glance
V.005.Reality cuts deep V.006.My wishing well

Theme set VI
VI.001.Fell in love with the weakness within me VI.002.The dreams of the day
VI.003.I am not quite the man you take me for VI.004.Waiting for my evenfall
VI.005.The little things you never dare to ask me VI.006.Garden of oblivion

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