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Kyo and Kaoru love

Rare Kyo and Kaoru pairings community

Rare Kyo and Kaoru love
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Rare K Love
Welcome to the rare pairing community dedicated to Dir en grey's guitarist Kaoru and vocalist Kyo.

Why Kyo and Kaoru together, you may ask, when the point is not to write them together? The answer is simple: they have the same initials, and rare_k_love could mean either of them so why not make it mean them both and kill two birds with one stone.

So, the main idea of this community is to claim a Kyo or a Kaoru rare pairing (meaning that Dir en grey pairings aren't allowed) and write six fics about said pairing. But to be able to post here you don't need to claim a pairing with themes, you can simply write a rare Kyo or Kaoru pairing and post it here. Or you can claim a theme set but not define what rare pairings you want to use with the themes.
1. Be nice. No pairing bashing or being rude towards other members or something like that. You know what I mean, I trust.
2. Use English in your comments. Mostly at least.
3. Don't delete or disable comments.
4. You can join the community just to read the fics.
About claiming a pairing
~ This is mentioned already but still: No Dir en grey pairings. The point is to write Kyo or Kaoru rare pairings - call it crossovers or crack pairings, the idea is the same.
~ In your fic you can have side pairings (other than Kyo or Kaoru centric Dir en grey pairings are allowed) as long as the main focus remains in your Kyo or Kaoru pairing.
~ The only way to write Kyo and Kaoru together is to claim a threesome with the third person being someone else than Die, Shinya or Toshiya.
~ No original characters in the main pairings. In side pairings, sure, why not.
~ You can have more than one claim at the same time. Naturally they involve Kyo or Kaoru but the other person can be (almost) who ever you like.
~ Threesomes are allowed. Moresomes, well, if you think you can handle them then ask and we probably say yes.
~ You can claim a theme set but not write all the fics of the same pairing.
~ There is no deadline or time lines in general. Just remember that if you claim a pairing it would be awesome if you actually wrote the fics as well. And if you suddenly realize that you don't want to continue please please inform us, especially if you're planning on leaving the community. It's kind of rude not to, don't you think?
~ Yaoi, het and non-yaoi alike are allowed.
~ Any genre and rating is fine - just remember to warn people if you think that there's something worth warning in your fic.
~ Your fic can be one-shot or multichaptered - if multichaptered, one theme=one chapter.
~ A fic should have minimum 100 words. There's no maximum for the words.
The themes
We have six different theme sets. Which basically means that the same pairing can be claimed six times, once with every theme set without the need to wait that the first claimer has finished her/his own theme set. And, of course, you don't have to write the themes in order.
When posting a fic
Use the posting format below, or something similar to it. Thank you.

Title; Chapters; Author; Claim; Theme; Pairing(s); Rating; Genre; Warnings; Summary; Comments

You need to use either the lj-cut or a link to your own journal/where ever you have posted your fic.
Want to claim a pairing? This is what you need to do.
1. Read the rules and such.
2. Check the claims list and make your claim.
3. Choose a theme set.
4. Wait for us to confirm your claim.
5. Start writing.

You're finished or want to drop your claim?
Comment here.

Contact us
If you have a question to ask or something to say, use the Shout-Out Entry.
Want to become an affiliate? Comment here.

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